What is the Share & Earn BarteroPay™ program?

With the Share & Earn program you can win with your friends and family! Let them know that you can win together when you order your BarteroPay™ Visa debit card.

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How does the program work?


Sign up for the Share & Earn BarteroPay™ program by entering your email on the BarteroPay™ Swap page.


You will receive an email notifying you that you have been successfully registered.


You get access to your referral page where you will have your own link that you can share with your friends and family.


Here, you see in real time how many people accessed your link and how many friends signed up for the platform.

What benefits do I have?


You receive €15

You receive €15 in your BarteroPay™ account after the launch, once you’ve completed the challenge and ordered your Swap card.


1 free year of Borders

Free upgrade to Borders account for 12 months (worth €108) - to enjoy a complete experience, we offer you the opportunity to interact with brands you love and complete missions in the app.



The opportunity to be part of a global community that shares your values and goals.


Who can join the Share & Earn program?

Anyone with a valid email address who registers for BarteroPay™ is automatically eligible for the referral program.

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What else do I need to know about how the Share & Earn program works?

The Share & Earn referral program from BarteroPay™ takes place in 3 phases, and in order for you and your loved ones to enjoy all the benefits, you need to make sure that you meet the requirements of each phase.


First phase

Purchase a €15 Swap card and receive a free instant upgrade to your Borders account for 12 months. This way, you can enjoy the BarteroPay™ experience for free for a year.


Second phase

As soon as you purchase your Swap card, you will receive a personalized link that you can share with 3 friends and family members. Your link will give your friends and family a free Borders account for one year.


Third phase

After your friends are active users, you will receive a €15 bonus to your BarteroPay™ account.

Can my friends recommend other friends?

Yes, anyone who's at least 18 and registers in BarteroPay™ and implicitly in the Share & Earn program, automatically receives a referral link. Everyone has the chance to earn €15 for registration and 1 year of free Borders account.


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