Open Chambers

Unlock a European market through a Peer to Peer Supply Chain Management platform using digital banking facilities for all your relationships.

Our three areas of focus in Open Chambers:

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Provide high quality customer services and support for listing your products and services in Open Chambers.

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Gather big data from signed up projects to deep learn financial trends and consumer behavior, provide live updates and analytics.

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Provide scoring and financial forecasts for each listed project based on in-house AIDIA algorithms.

Micro influencing and personal brands

Open Chambers helps micro influencers and personal brand products to make the most out of business opportunities in the EU. It is a one-stop-shop for all your market share needs. It provides support on access to market information, overcoming legal obstacles, and identifying potential partners across Europe. Equipped with a unique profile page, each member will be able to reach a European market with its goods and services.

  • My brand profile page

  • List your products and services

  • List your availabilities

  • The page linked to the internal trading desk

  • Connecting your business with potential consumers



A digital ecosystem for startups in idea or early stages that would be valued using our artificial intelligence AIDIA from the first day of a startup’s business. The analysis of the projects located in Open Chambers is mostly automated, with the help of AI and unique mechanisms for collecting statistics, comparing to the relevant industries and analyzing the reported information. The advantage of our statistics and the system of valuation is in their dynamism and visibility.

Real-time statistics reflect the history of the successes and failures of Startup and the upcoming events and evaluation of the project’s value related to its events.

  • A place to verify your ideas

  • Direct access to BarteroPay users

  • Build your MVP

  • Access team members

  • Early adopters converted from BarteroPay community

  • Funding your startup

  • Get access to market research

  • Predesigned road map

  • Experts advice

Launch your idea


Unlocking the power of communities by enabling them to list their project into Open Chambers.

Today’s power of communication and online interaction is bringing people together and closer to the same ideal and visions.

You can be a church, a football club, an online community, non-profit organizations, schools, and others. All you have to do is to unlock your Open Chambers profile and start your ideal project by interacting with your community members directly and give them the option to fund your charity or fund your next community program.

  • Community page

  • Easy launch of your community projects

  • Join your preferred community

  • Grow your reach

  • Take advantage of community status

  • First access to startups and ideas

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