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Find the best local deals and take advantage of the Peer to Peer ecosystem

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BarteroLabs is a place where you can find anything you need for your day to day activity and outsource every skill you need for your idea.


Value Creation

Direct link between consumers and producers and value created through Peer to Peer supply chain management.

Hotels and Restaurants

Gain NEW Customers through BarteroPay by filling empty tables, chairs, space, and time. Bartero Pass accounts have access to local deals in hotels and restaurants. Word of mouth advertising from BarteroPay customers leads to more CASH businesses

Service industry

Find the right service you need locally with Bartero Pass. Are you skilled as a plumber, gardener, electrician, painter, or any other service? You can connect with Bartero Pass users via the BarteroLabs marketplace.

Travel industry

Booking your next holiday just got hustle free. With Bartero Pass you can list your next trip and travel agencies will send you the best offers.


Spending money online is an adventure. With Bartero Pass you can get back up to 5% on your spending. Connect your fidelity cards to your Bartero Pass and bundle them for a better return


Deals and discounts in BarteroLabs marketplace. Find your desired product and ask for a discount directly from the seller.


Get your movie ticket or concerts through Bartero Pass.
Early bird discounts and benefits

Charities and Not for profits

With Bartero Pass you can now connect your account with preferred charity and non-profit organizations for one-off donations or monthly direct debits. A list of approved charities and foundation can be found in BarteroLabs

Manufacturing industry

Pre-register to new products launched by personal brands. Crowdfunding products by pre-purchase a product and wait for production.

Professional services

Are you looking for a content writer, a designer, or maybe a programmer? Now you can find everything you need via Bartero Pass. Outsource directly in a Peer to Peer marketplace with validated accounts and KYC approved.

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